Yrkkh written update 23rd may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

Yrkkh written update 23rd may 2024 on Telly Updates

Yrkkh written update 23rd may 2024

Yrkkh written update 23rd may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

In today’s episode, we see that Abhira sees Armaan with Ruhi. Abhira sees the Poddars having fun together. Abhira hides from the Poddars. 

Abhira starts leaving from there. Abhira suddenly bumps into Kalyani. Kalyani tells Abhira that Koveri has invited everyone. Koveri is going to surprise everyone. 

Hearing Kalyani, Abhira says that I know Kaveri will definitely do something. Abhira decided that she will also stay here and witness Kaveri’s surprise. 

Manish sees that a lot of guests have come to the party. Surekha tells Manish that all these guests have been invited by Kaveri. 

Kaveri announces the engagement of Armaan and Ruhi. Hearing this, Armaan gets worried. Manish thinks what is Kaveri doing in my party. Armaan asks Kaveri why are you spoiling Manish’s party. 

Kaveri asks Armaan if he wants to marry Ruhi or not. Manish says that Surekha Kaveri wants me to say yes to the marriage of Armaan and Ruhi. 

Surekha says that we should have told them about Armaan and Ruhi’s engagement. Surekha says that this is wrong. 

Abhira starts thinking about Armaan and Abhira in a corner, she cries, Manish tries to go to her but is unable to. 

Kaveri says that Manish is against Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage, so I will get Armaan and Ruhi married. 

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Armaan and Ruhi dance together, what will Abhira do now. 

Will Abhira lose Armaan, all these twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Yrkkh written update 22 may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

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