Yrkkh written update 19th may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

Yrkkh written update 19th may 2024 on Telly Updates

Yrkkh written update 19th may 2024

Yrkkh written update 19th may 2024

In today’s episode, let’s see how many more days are left to stay in Abhira Poddar house and the days are counting. Then Manish comes to her and asks her what she is doing. Manisha tells him that you should give Armaan a chance. Abhira says that Armaan and I are getting divorced. 

Manish refuses to accept that Abhira and Armaan do not love each other. Abhira says that I cannot compromise my self-respect to live in Poddar house. Abhira decides that she will now fight alone, and will break ties with Poddar. 

Manish asks Abhira will you come to meet me. Abhira told Manish that I will come to meet you. Manisha starts thinking about Abhira. Abhira feels very bad about Manish. 

Further we see that Charu is sitting and thinking about her marriage. Then Koveri comes to him and tries to convince him for marriage. Chaur says that Ruhi has ruined my love. Ruhi accuses Charu of ruining her love. 

Ruhi tries to make Charu understand that she should not marry Dev. Ruhi says that you love Dev but Dev does not love you. Ruhi says Dev doesn’t love you, Poddar family loves you. 

Ruhi tries to make Charu understand, asking you to marry someone else and not Dev. Koveri is very happy to see Charu and Ruhi together. 

Further we see that Vidya and Armaan talk to each other about the past. Vidya wants Armaan to move forward in his life by marrying Ruhi. Vidya convinces Armaan to marry Ruhi. Abhira overhears Vidya and Armaan’s discussion. 

Abhira feels sad. Vidya asks Armaan to take a quick decision for her and Ruhi’s marriage. Koveri calls everyone and makes Arman and Ruhi’s alliance. Ruhi gets embarrassed after hearing Koveri’s words. Ruhi says yes to marry Armaan. 

Arman says I need time. Koveri gives one day’s time to Armana. The pillar of desire remains. Abhira feels very sad. 

Ruhi tells Abhira that no one can separate her from Armaan. Abhira gives a befitting reply to Ruhi. Abhira says I know there is family pressure on Armaan to marry you. 

Next we see that Abhira is collecting pearls. Armaan gets angry at Abhira. Abhira breaks up with Armaan in front of God. 

Today’s episode ends. 

Yrkkh written update 18th may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today 

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