Yrkkh written update 16th may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

Yrkkh written update 16 may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today on Telly Updates

Yrkkh written update 16 may 2024

Yrkkh written update 16 may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

At the beginning of today’s episode, we see that Vidya comes well prepared, which Armaan is happy to see. Ruhi is with Arman,

Ruhi thought that today she will tell Vidya about her and Armaan’s relationship. Ruhi decides to tell Vidya. We see Abhira praying to God for a good relationship between Vidya and Madhav.

After Abhira blesses Vidya and Madhav, she prays for happiness for Armaan. Ruhi goes to Vidya and tells Vidya that she wants to tell her something.

Ruhi tells Vidya that she and Armaan were in love with each other before she married Rohit. Hearing this, Vidya is suddenly shocked. Ruhi told Vidya that she had sacrificed her love by marrying her.

Vidya suddenly asks that if you loved Armaan then why did you marry Rohati. Ruhi says that I married Rohit to keep his heart.

On the other hand, we see that Abhira is searching for her admit card which she is not able to find. After listening to Ruhi, Vidya asked her what she wanted. Ruhi replied to Vidya that she wants to marry Armaan.

Sanjay learns that Manish helped Krish after seeing the money. Sanjay gets angry at Manish and he goes to his house to teach him a lesson. Kajal tells all this to Armaan that Sanjay has gone to Manish’s house because of Krish. Armaan goes to Manish’s house. 

Ruhi comes to Abhira and asks her to give her admit card. Abhira sees that Ruhi is looking upset. Abhira asked Ruhi about it, Ruhi did not think it appropriate to tell. 

Vidya learns that Armaan has gone to Manish’s house. Vidya keeps thinking about Ruhi’s words, Ruhi wants to marry Armaan. 

Sanjay reaches Manish’s house and beats him up for helping Krish. Armaan arrives there and he apologizes to Manish on Sanjay’s behalf. Manish Armaan is accused of cheating Abhira. 

Vidya talks to Kaveri about Ruhi and Armaan’s marriage. Kaveri does not believe, Vidya believes in Kaveri. 

Today’s episode ends. 

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