Yrkkh written update 15 may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

Yrkkh written update 15 may 2024 on Telly Updates

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Yrkkh written update 15 may 2024

Yrkkh written update 15 may 2024: yrkkh written episode update today

In today’s episode we see that Armaan comes to Abhira’s room. Abhira asks Arman what he is doing in her room. Armaan calls Abhira a golddigger. Abhira gave a befitting reply to Armaan.

Armaan asks Abhira what are you going to do about Madhav and Vidya’s relationship. Abhira replied to Armaan that she will stay away from Poddar family. Armana gets angry at Abhira. 

Abhira asks Arman to go out of her room. Armaan asks Abhira to answer, then Abhira tells Armaan that she is now tired of the Poddar family, and she wants to leave this house. 

Abhira says Poddar family hates me. She wants Armaan to be happy now, because Armaan wants to divorce Abhira. Armaan calls Abhira selfish, further says I can’t tolerate you anymore.

 Armaan starts feeling some pain. Then Abhira helps Arman. Armaan asks Abhira not to help. Armaan further says that even if I am on the death bed, you should not help me. Abhira gets shocked after hearing this from Armaan. 

Sanjay talks to Kajal about Krish and Charu. Kajal says that Krishi has gone to practice dance. Sanjay starts wondering from where did Krishi arrange the money. Sanjay decides to check Krish’s account. 

Manish tells Savarna and Surekha that I will now bring Abhira here. Swarna and Surekha stop Manish from calling. Both of them say that if Abhira comes to know about Armaan and Ruhi’s affair, Abhira will be heartbroken. 

Armaan comes to Ruhi and tells her that I can’t tolerate Abhira anymore. Ruhi consoles Armaan. Ruhi talks to Arman that am I not special for you? Armaan called Ruhi special. 

Further we see that Abhira sees the shooting star and thinks about Vidya and Madhav’s relationship. Ruhi also sees the shooting star and thinks about her and Ishaan’s marriage. 

Koveri asks Vidya and Madhav to do the puja together. Abhira becomes happy hearing this. 

Vidya talks to Manoj that after the divorce, you should keep Armaan busy in the case so that he does not feel alone. Hearing this, Ruhi thinks of telling Vidya about her and Armaan’s affair. 

Further we see that Krishi tells Armaan that Abhira has not slept the whole night. Abhira has cried the whole night. Armaan does not trust Krish’s efforts. Abhira decides that she will now divert her attention from Armaan and focus on her studies. 

Today’s episode ends here. 

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2024 Written Update 

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