yrkkh 5th May 2024 written episode update today

yrkkh 5th May 2024 written episode update today on Telly Updates

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In today’s episode it is seen that Abhira puts her condition in front of Koveri. Abhir tells Koveri that you will never question my upbringing. Koveri accepts Abhira’s condition. Koveri asks Abhir to tell her her second condition. Abhira says that he should be welcomed in a grand manner at Poddar House. Armaan refuses to accept Abhira’s condition. Sanjaya gets angry at Abhira and says that we should not bring Abhira back to the house.

Sanjay gets angry at Abhira and says that Koveri should not bow before Abhira. Manisha thinks that Abhira will come to this house, she is happy to hear this. Manisha says that she will have to provoke Koveri to let Abhira come back to this house, Manisha makes a plan.

Madhav and Manisha talk. Madhav says that Abhira will go back from this house in the next three months. Manisha asks Madhav to think that he should not think about going back in three months. You think about this day. Manisha supports Madhav to bring Abhira back to this house.

On the other hand, we see that Vidya and Ruhi also do not want Abhira to return to this house. Both support Sanjay’s point. Vidya tells Koveri not to accept Abhira’s conditions and not to bring Abhira back to this house.

Ruhi goes to Armaan and tells him that you should not bring Abhir back to this house. Abhira thinks that she will go back to Poddar house now. Ruhi told Koveri that she should not agree to Abhira’s conditions otherwise trouble may come.

Further we see that Koveri and Armaan went to bring Abhira. Abhira sees Koveri and Arman coming to take her. Abhira agrees to go to Podar house.

Abhira dances happily that she is going back to Poddar house. Armaan asks Abhir to stop his dancing. Arman and Koveri get irritated seeing Abhira dancing. Abhira says that the whole world should know that Abhira is going back to Poddar house. Armaan, Koveri and Abhira leave to go to Poddar house.

Manisha and Madhav are happy to see Abhira at Poddar house. Abhira tells Koveri that she should be welcomed. Koveri asks Vidya to welcome Abhira. Vidya refuses to bless Abhira. Abhira comes to Ruhi and asks her to shower flowers. Koveri asks Ruhi to do so. Abhira comes to Sanjay and asks him to lay the red carpet. Sanjay is angry at Abhira but he does this.

Krish, Aryan, and Kiara are happy to see Abhira. Koveri breaks relations with Aabhira. Abhira agrees with Koveri. Koveri asks Abhira to stay in the guest room. Abhira says that I will stay with Armaan in his room. Ruhi gets angry at Abhira for misbehaving with her. When Sanjay gets angry with Abhira, Abhira also gives a befitting reply to Sanjay.

Armaan agrees to stay in the guest room. Abhira agrees with Arman. Madhav thinks that Koveri can throw Abhira out of this house any time.

Today’s episode ends here.

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