Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kaveri Celebrates its Victory

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kaveri Celebrates its Victory on Telly Updates

In today’s episode, Kaveri tells Abhira that she should think twice about staying with Armaan or not. Armaan has cheated both Ruhi and Abhira, says Manish. Manish further says that Armaan is the accused.

After meeting Abhira, Armaan decides to tell her the truth about his and Ruhi’s relationship. Armaan is very excited to meet Abhira. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2024 Written Update on Telly Updates

Further, it is seen that Abhira comes to know about Ruhi and Armaan’s relationship. Ruhi tells Abhira about her and Armaan’s love, Abhira says why did you not tell me the truth. Ruhi asks if I had told you the truth, would you have left Armaan. 

Manish tells Ruhi not to hurt herself. Ruhi says that this will be a pain for the rest of her life. Hearing all this, Abhira gets into deep thought. Kaveri tells Abhira that she should think again for Armaan’s love. 

Further we see that Armaan is eager to meet Abhira, he says that today I will tell the truth to Abhira. Krishi asks Armaan if Abhira will understand his love. Armaan says that Abhira is coming to meet him today. 

Next we see Abhira asking Armaan about his relationship with Ruhi. Abhira says that Ruhi was your ex-girlfriend, hearing this Armaan gets shocked. Abhira asks Armaan that why did you not tell me about Ruhi and your love earlier. 

Arman tells Abhira that he was going to tell her. Abhira says that from today onwards you should never show your face, Arman says that you should not go, I cannot live without you. 

Abhira tells Armaan that I am leaving you, and you should forget me now. Armaan tries to stop Abhira. Abhira leaves. 

Further we see that Kaveri comes home, she sees that everyone is happy, and Manisha is dancing. Kaveri asks Manish why are you dancing. Manisha says that today the misunderstanding between Armaan and Abhira is going to be cleared, they both are going to propose each other. 

Kaveri asks who told you all this. We see that Armaan comes home sad, he hits the glass in anger. Everyone seeing Armaan sad understands that something is not good. Armaan gets angry at Kaveri for telling the truth to Abhira. Kaveri says that Abhira has the right to know the truth, Kaveri blames Armaan. 

Here we see that Madhav comes to know that Kaveri has told the truth to Abhira about Armaan and Ruhi. Madhav knew that Kaveri will definitely do something. Madhav asks Abhira to tell him the whole story. 

Here Vidya worries for Armaan seeing him sad. Vidya comes to Armaan, Armaan says that I was not in love with Ruhi, Vidya says that Abir is not right for you. 

Abhira vows that she will not cry for Armaan, she says she will become the toughest lawyer in India. 

In the upcoming episodes, Vidya asks Kaveri to call Madhav back. Will Armaan and Abhira be able to unite now? We will see in the upcoming episodes. 

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