Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Update

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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Update

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In today’s episode it is seen that Abhira gets hurt and then Abhira calls Arman’s name. Armaan also runs to save Abhira. Everyone in the house is shocked to see this. 

Everyone thinks that Abhira called Arman’s name and Arman went to save Abhira. 

Madhav tells Vidya that he did not break the relationship. Madhav reminds Vidya that we all saw how when Abhira got hurt, Abhira called Armaan and Armaan ran towards him.

Madhav says that Arman and Abhira will start loving each other. This is the story of Kovery and Ruhi Sun, who talks to Madhav Vidya.

Arman comes to Vidya and tells him not to break his relationship with Madhav. Vidya says that Madhav has lost touch with me. Vidya Madhav is accused. Arman says about Madhav that he did this to bring Abhira back home and he became emotional for Abhira. 

Talking about Armaan, Sunkar Vidya says that Madhav feels that there is someone else in the house. Vidya says that you should promise that you will always give first priority to your family. Armaan makes a promise to Vidya. 

Next we see that Abhira is thinking about Armaan that Armaan had caught her hand. Abhira decides that she will not think about Armaan anymore. Abhira thinks that Arman Poddar hates her along with the family members. 

Then we see that Manisha comes to Abhira and asks Abhira whether she has come back to the house to save Madhav and Vidya’s path. Abhira refuses to accept this. 

Vidya is thinking about Arman and Abhira. Then Ruhi comes to Vidya and tells her not to worry. Ruhi says that Armaan will never fall in love with Abhira. Vidya says that someday Armaan will start loving Abhira. Ruhi is starting to worry. Ruhi thinks that now she will provoke Kovery to throw Abhira out of the house. Ruhi talks to Kovari about Abhira. Kovery says that soon Abhira’s chapter is going to end. 

Swarna thinks that still Manish is angry with her, knowing the truth of Ruhi. Manish comes near Swarna and decides to end her fight. Manish says to Swarna that why didn’t you stop your soul to love Armaan. Swarna says I prayed a lot. Manish tells that Abhira has returned back to Poddar house. That’s why Swarnaa will tell your soul to come out of its bubble. 

Next we see that Manish tells Swarna that we have to call Ruhi home. Manish next says that Ruhi should not come between Arman and Abhira. Swarna Chowk has arrived. 

Arman and Ruhi are talking. Arman and Ruhi call each other good and best. Arman starts talking to Ruhi about Abhira. Ruhi is angry after hearing the talk about Abhira. 

Abhira, Aryan, Krish, and Aryan decided that they will lock Vidya and Madhav in a room. Abhira tied Madhav and Vidya. Vidya asks Abhira to open the door. Abhira refused to open, she said that you people should not spoil your relationship with my face. 

Abhira and Vidya are arguing. Then we see that a spirit has appeared there. Ruhi tells Abhira to open the door. Abhira tells Ruhi that you were not in the middle. The spiritual door has opened. 

Vidya opens the door and asks Arman to tell Abhira not to interfere in our matter. 

Today’s episode ends here. 

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