Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Update on Telly Updates

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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th May 2024 Written Update

In today’s episode, we will see that Ruhi talks to Armaan as to why Abhira has come back to this house. Abhira has probably come to this house for some purpose. Armaan says that Abhira is not going to dig gold in this house. Ruhi asks Armaan to think that maybe Abhira might have some agenda in coming back to this house. Ruhi further says that it is because of Abhira that Madhav and Vidya’s relationship has broken.

Abhira talks to Madhav. Abhira tells Madhav not to trust her so much. Madhav shows his trust in Abhira and tells her that whatever she is doing, she should do it consciously. Abhira understands Madhav’s words. Armaan thinks that now after Charu, I can’t let Aabhira spoil Madhav and Vidya’s relationship.

Abhira is thinking about Armana. Abhira decides that now Abhira will not think about Arman. Abhira thinks that before I leave from here, I should strengthen the relationship between Madhav and Vidya.

We see Ruhi coming to Aabhira. Ruhi questions Abhira why she came back to this house. Abhira asks Ruhi how she came to my room. Ruhi starts taunting Abhira. Abhira tells Ruhi that you have no identity. Abhira also says that I am Armaan’s wife. Hearing this, Ruhi suddenly gets angry at Abhira. Abhira and Ruhi start arguing at the same time.

Abhira is in Arman’s room, she sees some of Arman’s clothes. She thinks of putting Armaan’s clothes back secretly. Abhira thinks that Armaan must have gone to office at this time. Then suddenly she sees Arman. Armaan asks Abhira what are you doing in my room. Then a heated argument takes place between Armaan and Abhira.

We see that the people of the house talk about Charu. Kajal asks Koveri to bring Charu back home. Sanji calls Abhira wrong. Madhav defends Abhira. Sanjay says that Abhira has taken over Armaan’s room.

We see Armaan and Abhira locked in a room. Armaan and Abhira search for Rashta to throw her out of the room. Armaan asks Abhira why did you come back to this house. Abhira calls herself a gold digger. Armaan tells Abhira that I can’t trust you anymore. Abhira tells Armaan that she has come to this house to strengthen the relationship between Vidya and Madhav.

Sanjay asks Madhav to mend his relationship with Vidya. Vidya says that she is breaking her relationship with Madhav, everyone in the house gets shocked.

Arman and Abhira come out of the room. Madhav tries to understand Vidya. Abhira gets hurt. Armaan asks Madhav to call doctor.

When Abhira gets hurt, she calls Arman’s name. Everyone in the Poddar family gets shocked after hearing the name of Armaan from Abhira’s mouth.

Today’s episode ends here.

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