Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th May 2024 Written Update: Why is Harneet helping Daljeet?

Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th May 2024 Written Update on Telly Updates

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th May 2024 Written Update: Why is Harneet helping Daljeet?

Sahiba reaches the hospital with the constable lady police. Akir and Angad sit in the car. Sahiba is unable to see Akir and Angad in the car. Sahiba goes inside the hospital.

Akir asks Angad to call Sahiba. Angad tries to call Sahiba but Sahiba’s phone does not reach. Angad learns that Sahiba’s phone is switched off. Angad thinks that now Sahiba will be able to meet Angad only in Brar Haveli.

Sahiba reaches inside the hospital. Sahiba asks the doctor about Akir. The doctor tells Sahiyab that Angad took Akir away from the hospital forcefully. Sahiba asks the doctor why didn’t you stop Angad. The doctor told that Angad did not listen to anyone and took Akir with him.

The lady constable overhears Sahiba saying that she should inform the police. Sahiba constable tells the police to let her go, she has to go to Ludhiana for her son Akir. Just then the police inspector comes there and the constable asks the police to release Sahiba.

The police inspector tells that Gary has given a statement that Sahiba along with Daljeet had no role in the kidnapping of Akir.

Further we see Gary giving a statement that only Daljeet had planned to kidnap Akir. Gary further tells that Daljeet was Akir’s secret friend. Sahiba starts thinking about Gary that he is helping her even in such a situation. Gary told Kirat not to tell the Brar family that he had helped Sahiba. Kirat agrees with Gary that she will not tell.

Jabjot learns that Angad is coming to the mansion with Akir. There is a message for all the members that no one will tell Akir that Akir is Angad’s son. Jabjoyat tells all the family members that we have to follow the message.

Sahiba decides to board a truck to go to Ludhiana. The truck driver is allowed to sit at the back of the truck.

When Angad enters the mansion with Akir. Then Akir sees that the house has been decorated very well. Akir asks Angad if everyone is welcomed like this. Angad says no, you are special that is why this has been done. Jaslin tells Manveer that Sahiba will definitely come here for Akir. Manveer says that I will not let this happen.

Sahiba reaches Ludhiana. Sahiba gets down from the truck. Today’s episode ends here.

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