Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update on Telly Updates

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan

In today’s episode, it is seen that Kirat and Gurnoor are talking to each other when Manveer and Jashleen come there. Manveer asks Gurnoor and Kirat what they were talking about. Then Gurnoor replies that they were talking about both of them.

Gurnoor further says that both of them are good women. Then Manveer asks what does this mean. Then Kirat says in Gurnoor’s place that Gurnoor’s statement meant that Manveer and Ghasleen are like brothers because they both consider Gari as their son. 

Further we see that seeing Kirat close to Gurnoor, Manveer and Jasleen both scold Kirat not to stay near Gurnoor. Gurnoor tells Manveer and Jasleen that if you people do not like me then it is good but for that you people should not scold Kirat. Gurnoor further says that for that reason do not say anything to Kirat and I should remember that I am a staff here.

Then Manveer tells Gurnoor that she should always wear her uniform. Gurnoor says that she will remember that she is a staff in Brar Haveli. Gurnoor tells Manveer not to make her wear the uniform. Kirat says that Manveer and Jasleen want Kirat to stay away from Gurnoor but how can she keep the distance, Gurnoor looks exactly like Sahiba. And she also takes good care of everyone. 

Next we see Gurnoor styling her hair in front of the mirror. Then Akeer comes and gives Gurnoor her hairstyle. Akeer says that Sahiba used to do this style. Akeer says that it will be good. Gurnoor agrees with Akeer to style her hair like Sahiba. 

Further we see that Angad comes to Gurnoor’s room while searching for Akeer and he sees that Gurnoor has styled her hair exactly like Sahiba. Angad sees that Gurnoor is looking at Sahiba’s hair style.

Angad asks Gurnoor why she changed her hair style then Gurnoor says that after all I suggested that she should style her hair like Sahiba. Angad tells Gurnoor that you should focus on Akir’s studies. Angad starts leaving then he tells Gurnoor that you can style your hair like Sahiba.

Angad starts thinking about Sahiba after seeing Gurnur. Then Gurnur asks Angad why he is saying this, then Angad tells Gurnur that you should know that I am your boss. Angad starts leaving from there. Gurnur calls Angad arrogant. Angad starts thinking about Sahiba. 

Next we see that Jorava calls Beeja and tells him that he will not come to Ludhiana right now. Zorawar tells Beeja that first I will put fear in Gurnoor’s heart. Jorava tells Beeja that I have sent you a gift which you have to send to Gurnoor. Beeja agrees with Jorava’s words. 

Further we see that Angad is looking at Sahiba’s photo and thinking about Sahiba. Then we see Gurnoor coming there to ask him why he said that. Gurnoor sees that Angad is looking at Sahiba’s photo. Gurnoor understands. Gurnoor wants to talk to Angad about Sahiba. Angad asks her not to talk about Sahiba. Gurnoor does not like it. She spoils her hair style and leaves from there. 

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