Gum Hai kisikye Pyar Mein Latest Update: Yashwant reveal his Motive to Savi

Gum Hai Kisikye Pyaar Mein Latest Update on Telly Updates

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Missing someone’s love in my latest update

Missing someone's love in my latest update

In today’s episode, we see that Savi goes to the shop owner. The shop owner tells Savi that he will file a case against Savi. Savi tells the shop owner that it was just an accident. The shop owner says that it was not an accident, because cigarettes and petrol were found in your shop.

Savi says that petrol is not used in my shop, so how can petrol be found in my shop. The investigating officer tells Savi that we will send reports in which you will find out what happened. The investigating officer warns Savi that you have to be ready with the answer after getting the report.

The shop owner tells Savi that I will definitely come to collect my money. Saying this, the shop owner goes away from Savi.

Savi comes to the shop. Shukla says that it is possible that there is petrol at our shop. Savi thinks that Yashwant had predicted the same. Savi remembers Yashwant’s words.

Shukla says that we are not so irresponsible that the shop catches fire. Savi tells Shukla that the fire did not happen suddenly, there is a big conspiracy behind setting fire to our shop. Savi thinks that Yashnat must be behind this.

Savi decides to meet Yashwant. Savi goes to meet Yashwant. Savi talks to Yashwant, she says that I know that there was a big conspiracy behind burning my shop. Yashwant ignores Savi’s words. Yashwant tells Savi to stop talking nonsense. Savi tells that I know that you are behind this. 

Yashwanat does not believe Savi at first, but later he tells Savi that he had planned everything. Yashwanat says when my medical was stopped only because of you, I have promised that I will take revenge from you. 

Yashwant tells that I had planned everything. Yashwant further says that I will not sit quiet until you leave the college and our lives. Yashwant tells all this to Savi and leaves from there. Savi decides that she will give a befitting reply to Yashwant. 

Further, we see that Ishaan keeps thinking about Savi. Anvi makes him feel that there is a place for Savi in ​​his heart. Surekha also gives Ishaan a gift to help Savi. Ishaan tells Anvayi to leave from there but Anvayi does not go. Ishaan says that only Reeva is made for me and not Savi. 

It will be seen in the upcoming episodes whether Savi will give a befitting reply to Yashwant or not, whether Savi will lose Ishaan. 

You can join us to see all this. Here we first post written updates. 

ghkkpm written update 23rd may 2024: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

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