Gum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein 12th May 2024 Written Update

Gum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein 12th May 2024 Written Update on Telly Updates

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Gum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein 12th May 2024 Written Update

Gum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein 12th May 2024 Written Update

In today’s episode, we see that Ishaan thanks Reeva for helping him all the time. Reeva hits Ishaan. Reeva asked Ishaan to go home. Ishaan told Reeva that I have a gift for you. Ishaan asks Reeva to open the gift.

When Reeva opens the gift, she sees that it contains divorce papers of Ishaan and Savi. She is shocked to see this. Reeva questions Ishaan. Ishaan tells Reeva it is incomplete. Ishaan signs the divorce papers. 

Ishaan gives the divorce papers to Reeva. Ishaan tells Rewa to get it signed from Savi. Reeva is shocked to hear all this. 

Reeva brings Ishaan home and makes Ishaan sleep in his room. Surekha asks Rewa where did you find Ishaan. Reeva says that Ishaan was found drunk near a shop.

Reeva says that Ishaan is very upset since few days. Surekha thanks Reeva that you stay with Ishaan all the time and support him. 

Savi is sleeping when she gets a message that Ishaan has reached home. Savi tells Sandhya about it. Sandhya tells Savi that you have fallen in love with Ishaan. 

Morning comes, Shukla comes to Savi and tells him that the newspaper people have apologized, but have not published the news on the front page. Shukla and Sandhya see Ishaan coming towards Savi’s shop. 

Shukla and Sandhya think that maybe Ishaan is coming to apologize to Savi, so they both leave. Ishaan comes to Savi’s shop. Ishaan gives divorce papers to Savi. Ishaan told Savi that I think this is what you wanted and I too.

Ishaan tells Savi to sign the divorce papers. Ishaan further says that you tell me what you need for your living. Saying all this Ishaan walks away from Savi. 

When Savi sees the divorce papers, she feels very sad, Savi breaks down completely. Savi somehow tries to sign the papers but the pen does not work. Savi throws the pen in anger. 

In the Bhosale family house, we see Surekha telling Swati that Ishaan will divorce Savi today. Surekha says that today we will make this day absolutely special for Rewa. 

Nishikant goes to meet Ishaan. Nishikant sees that Ishaan is not opening the door. Nishikant tells Ishaan that you have to be prepared, because today Surya Prakash is coming to the college to give a lecture. 

Surya Prakash comes to Savi’s shop. Surya Prakash sees Savi’s IAS preparation books. Surya thinks that Savi is preparing for IAS. Shukla calls Shuraya to have tea at Savi’s shop. 

On the other side we see that Nishikant and Yashwant are waiting for Surya Prakash. And on the other hand we see that Savi is very happy to see Surya Prakash that Surya Prakash has come to her tea shop to drink tea. 

Today’s episode ends here. 

Gum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein 12th May 2024 Written Update 

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