Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update on Telly Updates

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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In today’s episode, we see that Harini is chasing Vansh to make him wear clothes. Then we see that Vansh runs away to his father Milind. Harini tells Milind that Isha and her mother-in-law always keep arguing and she is worried. Then Milind tells Harini that you should not worry too much. Harini comments on Milind. 

Next we see that Bhagyasri tells Sayesha that there is a puja at Kakkar’s house today. We are shown that there is a puja at Kakkar’s house today. Sayesha welcomes the Deputy, it is shown that Deepti had gone on a trip and has returned. Sayesha welcomes Deepti. Then she comes to Deepti and tells her to go and get ready as there is a puja today. 

Next we see that Isha is about to go for Vansh Upnayan. Isha gives water and food to her chocolate boy and starts leaving. By mistake the water is left open in Isha’s house. Isha and her family leave for Vansh Upnayan. 

Here we see that Bhagyashree’s daughter and her granddaughter arrive. Bhagyashree welcomes them. Bhagyashree’s daughter slips and is about to fall on the floor. Then Bhagyashree realizes that water is coming from the Bhosale family’s house. Then Bhagyashree rings the doorbell of the Bhosale family. Bhagyashree calls Isha. 

Further we see that Isha, Shantanu and Savi reach Milind’s house. Isha tells Milind’s mother that she has brought a silver Ganesha as a gift for Vansh. Then we see that Milind arrives there, Milind teases Savi and tells Savi that Vansh is not wearing clothes. Milind says that Vansh is not listening to us. Savi takes Vansh with her. 

Further we see that Bhagyashree is ringing the doorbell of Isha’s house when the guard comes there and says that there is no use in ringing the doorbell because Isha and her family have gone somewhere. The guard says that he has Savi’s number, Bhagyashree takes Savi’s phone number. 

Here we see that Savi is talking to Milind. Savi told Milind that she wants to adopt a child. Then Milind says, Savi, are you sure about your decision? Then Savi replies yes. Milind’s mother overhears the conversation between Savi and Milind. 

Further we see that Vikram comes to Harini’s house with his pregnant wife. Milind’s mother told Savi that she can never become a mother. Harini is shocked to hear this. Savi says that Rajat will marry me. Savi and Isha start going home. 

Next we see that when Savi comes home, Isha sees that the water has come outside the house. Bhagyashree tells Isha that you left the water open in the house due to which the puja in her house got destroyed today. An argument starts on this matter. 

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