ghkkpm written update 23rd may 2024: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

ghkkpm written update 23rd may 2024 on Telly Updates

ghkkpm written update 23rd may 2024

ghkkpm written update 23rd may 2024: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

In today’s episode, we see that Saavi remembers what Ishaan said. The shop owner comes to the shop and tells Saavi that he is going to file an FIR against him. 

Savi tells the shop owner that it was just an accident. The shop owner says that petrol and cigarettes were found inside the shop. Saavi says what is the need of petrol in a shop. The investigating officer tells Savi that everything will be known after the reports come. 

The shopkeeper tells Savi that he will definitely come to collect his money. The shopkeeper leaves from there. Savi starts remembering Yahaswanth’s words.

Saavi thinks that Yashwant had predicted the same. She starts wondering if he is the one who did all this. 

Shukla comes to Saavi and tells him that where will our shop get petrol from, we are not that irresponsible. Saavi recalls Yaswanth’s words. 

Savi tells Shukla that this fire did not happen suddenly, there is a big conspiracy behind it. 

Savi decides to meet Yashwant. Savi reaches Yashwant. Savi tells Yashwant that I know that the fire in my shop did not happen suddenly, but there is a big conspiracy behind setting the fire. 

Yashwant says what nonsense are you talking about, go away from here. Savi says I know who set fire to my shop, Savi gives a signal to Yashwant. Yashwant tells Savi that I have not done anything. 

But after some time Yashwant accepts that he had fabricated the story of setting Savi’s shop on fire. Yashwant says that I have taken revenge from you. 

Yashwant tells Saavi that when the medical wing was closed because of you, I had decided that I will take my revenge from you. This is just the beginning, I will throw you out of my college and life. 

Yashwant tells all this to Savi and after saying all this he leaves from Savi’s side. Savi wants to tell Yashwant something but she is unable to say it. Savi decides that she will also give a befitting reply to Yashwant. 

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