ghkkpm written update 20th may 2024: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

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ghkkpm written update 20th may 2024

ghkkpm written update 20th may 2024: Ghum hai sisikey pyaar mein written

In today’s episode we see that Ishaan gets angry at Savi. Savi and Ishaan argue. Ishaan says all the students are coming to your tea shop after canceling their classes. 

Savi tells Ishaan that who are you to argue with her. Savi thinks about Ishaan that he has never understood her. 

Ishaan thinks that Saavi has not understood him yet, she should think because she is straying from her goals. Ishaan shows Saavi a video in which a student is taking drugs. Saavi says that you know only half the truth. 

All the students tell Ishaan that he is misunderstanding Savi. After listening to the discussions of all the students, he tells them that we are preparing for a paper tomorrow. In which everyone has to score approximately 75 percent, only those who score will get internal marks. 

Savi initially does not agree with Ishaan. But later she accepts Ishaan’s challenge. All the students tell Ishaan that he will pass the exam. All the children’s parents tell everyone not to take the exam for Savi’s sake. 

Further we see that Harini and Savi have a heated argument. Harini tells Savi that I know that you are angry with Ishaan right now. 

Nishikant talks to Ishaan. Nishikant says that you should prepare difficult papers so that no student can pass. Ishaan gives a befitting reply to Nishikant that I cannot do this. 

Yashwant scolds Nishikant for saying this. Yashwant tells Ishaan that I know that he is a moralist. Yashwant tells Nishikant in gestures that not all the children should be able to pass. Nishikant agrees with Yashwant. 

Further we see that Savi bids farewell to all the students from his shop. Shukla comes to Savi and shows him the money he had earned. Savi says that all this is a miracle of our hard work. 

Let us see further that Surekha is on Guar. Rewa comes home. Reeva sees that Surekha is having a headache. Reeva asks Surekha to sit on a sofa. Reeva massages Surekha’s head. 

Surekha tells Rewa that I know that Savi is sending you and Ishaan. Reeva says yes, this is correct. Surekha says that till now Ishaan has helped Savi as her husband. Surekha further says that Savi has not yet signed the divorce papers. 

Reeva tells Surekha that Savi signed the divorce papers. Surekha becomes happy after hearing this from Rewa. Further we see that Savi prays in front of the photo of her parents. 

ghkkpm written update 19th may 2024: Ghum hai sisikey pyaar mein written 

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