ghkkpm written update 19th may 2024: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

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ghkkpm written update 19th may 2024

ghkkpm written update 19th may 2024: Ghum hai sisikey pyaar mein written


In today’s episode we will see that Savi is proved innocent. Jashwant apologizes to Savi for doing all this. Yashwant says that he will make separate arrangements for him to take his exam.

Savi thanks the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor told Savi that one day she would bring glory to this college. Everyone starts leaving from there. 

Ishaan is very happy with Savi’s innocence. Ishaan thinks about Savi that everyone had insulted Savi. Ishaan tries to talk to Savi. 

Ishaan goes towards Savi to talk to him. Savi leaves without meeting Ishaan. Ishaan gets angry at Savi for ignoring him. 

Savi comes out. Ishaan thinks maybe Savi is angry with him, I did not listen to Savi last night. I too had doubted Savi. Ishaan calls all the students and tells everyone that Savi had not done anything wrong. 

Yashwant comes to Ishaan and asks him to stop the drama. Durva and Anvayi also happen there. Reeva also regrets that she had doubted Savi. 

When Harini comes to know that Savi is innocent, she also becomes happy. Savi tells him all this. Savi asks Ishaan to stop all this, that she doesn’t want him to create a mess. 

Ishaan tries to talk to Savi but Savi does not want to talk to him. Savi reminds Ishaan that he doubted her and he did not listen to me last night. Ishaan angrily comments on Savi and he leaves. 

Next we see that Savi is at her shop. Some students ask him to cut the cake. Savi gets a call from Swanand, Savi tells him that she will let him sign the divorce papers soon. Savi notices that someone is smoking next to the shop. Savi stops him. 

Ahi’s wife and Chhatra are dancing while the fire is burning. Then Ishaan comes there and stops singing. Asks everyone to go to his class. Ishaan scolds Savi. 

Today’s episode is over. 

ghkkpm written update 18th may 2024: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written 

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