ghkkpm 16 may 2024 written update: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

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ghkkpm written update 16 may 2024

ghkkpm 16 may 2024 written update: Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written

In today’s episode, we see that Ishaan gets angry at Savi as to why he told the truth to Harini. Ishaan scolds Savi that why did he tell Harini everything the truth. What will Savi do if something happens to Harini? After listening to Ishaan, Harini says that Savi has not told me the truth.

Harini tells in front of Savi and Ishaan that when I was checking Savi’s bag, I had seen Savi’s mangalsutra. Harini thinks that Ishaan had said that he has given the Mangalsutra to get it repaired. Harini wants to know the truth. Savi comes to Harini.

Harini asked Savi that for how long will you hide the truth from me. Savi says what do you want to say. Harini Savi sees Mangalsutra. Savi tells Harini that I would have told you the truth, but I was worried about you. Savi tells that Ishaan has got engaged with Rewa. Now I should also move forward in my life.

Savi tells the whole truth to Harini. Savi says I didn’t tell you till now because I was worried about your physical condition. Harini says to Savi that I promise that I will never leave you.

Harini talks to Ishaan to forgive him for creating trouble for her. Harini further wishes Ishaan all the best for his and Rewa’s future life. Saying all this she leaves.

Ishaan returns home, Surekha tells him that she can tolerate him only for a few days. Surekha says Ishaan said all that.

Further we see that Saavi takes Harini to a house. Savi tells Harini that this new house is ours. Savi says no one here hates me. Savi thanks Bapa for the new house.

Here we see that Ishaan tells the family that Harini knows the whole truth. Harini also knows about the engagement of me and Reeva. Yashwant says that this is very good news. Yashwant goes to Chinmay and starts making fun of him, because Chinmay had said that Savi and Ishaan were made for each other. Surekha says she is going to the temple to do puja for Ishaan and Rewa.

Reeva tells Swati that I am very happy that Ishaan and I are going to get married soon. Swati says it is good that Savi left your and Ishaan’s life. 

Sandaya tells Savi that she should stay at her tea shop as everyone is talking about her. People have a lot of doubts. Harini asks Savi what Sandhya is talking about. Savi lies, she does not want Harini to know that Savi is running a tea shop. 

Let us further see that Rewa eats food with Ishaan. She asks Ishaan about his problem. Ishaan lies. Ishaan goes to washroom. 

Harini apologizes to Savi for getting him into trouble. Savi asks him not to say so. Savi sees Ishaan’s name in the book and thinks about Ishaan and Reeva’s marriage. 

Ishaan in the washroom thinks that everything is going well, still why is he worried. 

Today’s episode ends here. 

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