Bhagya Lakshmi: Will Rohan choose Parvati instead of Malishka?

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Today’s episode of Bhagya Lakshmi serial is going to be very spectacular. Today we see that Rohan and Parvati come to Oberoi mansion together. Both of them think of having a painting competition together. The masseuse looks at Parvati and says I will make your life hell like I did with Lakshmi. 

Rohan goes to washroom. The masseuse pours water on Rohan’s painting. Masseuse Parvati is blamed for pouring water on Rohan’s painting. Parvati says I have not done this. 

Neelam calls the masseur and she asks why did you pour water on Rohan’s painting. Neelam asked the masseuse. 

The masseuse tells Neelam that whenever I see Parvati, I remember Lakshmi. The masseuse says that all this is just as usual. Neelam says that I too remember Lakshmi when I see Parvati. Neelam tells Malishka that you can do anything with Parvati, but Roshan should not be hurt. Malishka agrees. 

Rohan is not ready to accept that Parvati has poured water on the painting. 

In today’s episode we see that Lakshmi tells Rishi that we have to go shopping tomorrow. Rishi agrees to Lakshmi’s words and goes home to sleep. 

Later we will see that Lakshmi tells Shalu that how can Parvati like the city. Shalu replied Lakshmi because she is Rishi’s daughter. 

Shalu likes a dress. Shalu says that this dress will look good on Lakshmi. 

In the Oberoi house, we see that the masseuse asks Rohan whether he likes me or not. Rohan tells the masseuse that yes but for me Parvati comes first because she is my best friend. Hearing this, Malishaka feels a little strange. 

Here we see that Anushka tries to snatch the Posak from Shalu’s hand. Shalu does not give it to him. Anushka asked Shalu, do you know who my husband is. 

When Lakshmi sees Rishi in the mall, she starts hiding from him.

Now what will happen next with Lakshmi and Rishi, will Rishi be able to take Lakshmi to Oberoi mansion. 

All this will be seen in the upcoming episodes, so you can connect with us for the latest updates. 

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