Bhagya Lakshmi 7th May 2024 Written Update today

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th May 2024 Written Update today

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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th May 2024 Written Update today

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th May 2024 Written Update today

Today’s episode is going to be very wonderful. Here we see that Rishi has told Ayush that Lakshmi is still alive. Ayush this Sunkar gets startled with a thud. 

Rishi says to Ayush that Lakshmi is angry with him, because if she is angry for some time then she will talk more about why she is angry. Rish further says that Lakshmi said that Rishi is not worthy of her. Ayush asks Rishi whether Lakshmi really said that. 

Rishi says that this is the meaning of Lakshmi’s saying. Ayush asks Rishi why he did not bring Lakshmi to Oberoi mansion. 

We see that Lakshmi has reached home. Parvati comes to Shalu and tells him that you are very ill. Shalu replied to Parvati that she had no fever. Parvati says Lakshmi told me that Shalu is very ill. Raano has come and closed the door. 

Ayush says to Rishi that if Lakshmi is back in the house then doctor will come and everything can be cured. Rishi says to Ayush that you have to paste the fact that Lakshmi is alive. 

Rishi further says that if Harlin came to know that Lakshmi is still alive then Harlin would be very sad. Lakshmi does not want to come to Oberoi mansion. Ayush seems to agree with Rishi’s words that he will not talk to anyone about Lakshmi. 

Anushka comes to Rishi and Aayush and tells Rishi that Rohan is gone. Rishi later goes to meet all the guests. 

Anushka feels that someone is talking between Rishi and Aayush. Anushka wonders what is the matter that Rishi and Ayush are telling her. Anushka decided that she will keep telling me what is going on from now on. 

Malishka told Kiran that Lakshmi is still alive. Malishka next says that Parvati is Lakshmi’s daughter. Kiran tells Malishka that no one else should know about this. 

Shalu asks Lakshmi why she is sad. Shalu asks next that this is the first time she met Rishi. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Rishi has made it so special that everything is fine for her. But whatever Rishi has done is true. Shalu asks Lakshmi what Lakshmi is going to do now. 

Lakshmi says to Shalu that if you do this now then everything will be fine. Lakshmi has now decided to increase her size. 

Next we see that Harlin invites Rishi and Aayush to have drinks with Avinash. Rishi and Avinash were drunk, she sent them Harlin. Aayush was pretending to be drunk. 

Aayush’s drama has been exposed. Ayush is exposed in front of Anushka. 

In the end we see that Rishi looks at the moon and thinks about Lakshmi, and Lakshmi thinks about Rishi. 

Today’s episode ends here. 

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