Bhagya Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Update on Telly Updates

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Bhagya Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Update


In today’s episode, we see that Malishka comes to Anushka’s room to talk. Malishka tells Anushka that she needs her help. Anushka asks why her help. Malishka says that she needs her help for Shalu. Anushka praises Malishka that she did not let Lakshmi enter this house. 

After listening to Anushka, the masseur tells her that God has also helped me in this. After listening to Anushka, Anushka asks what does this mean. The masseur closes the door and tells Anushka the news, after hearing which Anushka gets shocked. 

Malishka told Anushka that when she went to the hospital, she saw that the report said that Parvati is Rishi’s daughter, but when the DNA report came home, the report did not match. 

Anushka tells Malishka that she might have read the DNA report wrongly. Malishka says that I am sure that Parvati is Rishi’s daughter. Ayush overhears the conversation between Anushka and Malishka. 

Next we see that Ayush goes to meet Shalu. Ayush asks Shalu to sit in his car. Shalu does not agree with Ayush and she tells Ayush that I have only one request to the Oberoi family that they should withdraw the FIR.

Ayush says that I can’t do anything, Ayush further says that you also know this Shalu. Ayush tells Shalu that I have always thought of helping them. Ayush tells Shalu that there is an auto strike today. Ayush asks Shalu to sit in the car. Shalu agrees with Ayush and sits in the car. 

Next we see Ayush and Shalu going to the Rani’s house. Ayush asks Shalu to bring water. Shalu goes to get water. Ayush takes Parvati’s hair and tells her that this is a secret which no one else should know about. Parvati agrees with Ayush. Shalu comes and asks about the secret, Ayush says that he cannot tell right now. 

Further we see that Rishi has brought food for Lakshmi, Rishi asks Lakshmi to eat the food. Lakshmi tells Rishi not to trouble Shalu anymore, Rishi says that he will not trouble Shalu, and he will do whatever he likes. 

Next we see that Shou and Ayush go to meet Lakshmi. Ayush tells Lakshmi that he is with her. 

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Update

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