Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2024 Written Update

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Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2024 Written Update


In today’s episode, we see that Anchal talks to Neelam that tomorrow there is a court hearing of Lakshmi and Shalu’s case. Anchal asks Neelam if she will go to court tomorrow.

Then Neelam says that I should not give so much importance to Lakshmi and Shalu. Neelam says that I will not go to court tomorrow, then Anchal says that I will also not go to court tomorrow. 

Next we see Anushka and the masseur talking to each other. Anushka says that something bad happened to Shalu and she is also in jail today. Ayush is passing by Anushka.

Anushka says yes after hearing Ayush. Ayush stops and says that if he was in Shalu’s place, he would have done the same thing that Shalu did. Ayush lashes out at Anushka and starts leaving from there. 

Here we see that Rishi and Ayush are waiting for Parvati. Sushma brings Parvati to the court. Parvati sees Rishi and Ayush. Parvati tells Rishi that she was missing Lakshmi a lot. Rishi consoles Parvati. 

Further we see that Lakshmi comes to the court and asks Sushma to bring Parvati inside the court. Then we see that the masseuse there pretends as if she is falling. The masseuse starts falling in front of Lakshmi. Rishi catches the masseuse. 

Anushka asks the masseur why are you doing this here. Then the masseur says that I just want to tell Lakshmi that Rishi Shift is only mine. 

Further we see that Mishra comes there and tells that he is the state lawyer. Vijay tells that he will defend Lakshmi and Shalu. 

Misr says that Shalu and Laxmi ran away with Parvati from the court, Misr tells the court that Shalu and Laxmi did this because Parvati wanted to kill Neelam. Then Laxmi tells the judge that she was the one who tried to kill Neelam. 

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