Anupama Today Written Update: Yashdeep Proposes Anupama

Anupama Today Written Update: Yashdeep Proposes Anupama on Telly Updates

Welcome to today’s wonderful episode of Anupama. Where we will see whether Yashdeep will propose Anupama or not. So friends, let’s see. 

At the beginning of today’s episode, we see that Beeji and Yashdeep try to convince Anupama to become co-owner of the Masala and Chutney restaurant. Anupama refuses to make him a co-owner. After persuasion by Beeji and Yashdeep, Anupama agrees to become co-owner of the restaurant. Anupama starts leaving. 

Beeji asks Yashdeep to propose Anupama. Yashdeep is feeling ashamed. Yashdeep doesn’t know how to propose to Anupama. 

Let us further see that Anupama brings food for the poor and helps them. 

Aadya tells Anupama that she has won the competition. Aadya gives the credit of victory to Anupama. Shruti asks Anupama what will you do with the money you won. Anupama says that I will give it to Yashdeep. Anupama tells that she is the co-owner of the restaurant. Anuj is happy. 

Anupama gets a call from Dimple who asks her to come to the function. When Dimple is feeling a little scared, Anupama encourages her. 

We see Anupama getting ready for Dimple and Titu’s function. Anuj helps him. Anupama thinks about Shruti and refuses to take Anuj’s help. 

Anuj notices that Anupama is messaging Yashdeep. Anuj gets jealous. 

Anupama goes to the function with Anuj. Vanraj taunts both of them. Titu congratulates Anupama for coming to the wedding. 

Today’s episode ends here. 

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Anuj comes to know that Yaship is going to propose Anupama.

In the coming episodes it will be seen whether Yashdeep will propose Anupama or not. Stay with us for latest updates.

Anupama 11th May 2024 Written Update

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