Anupama 6th July 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 6th July 2024 Written Episode Update on Telly Updates

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Anupama 6th July 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 6th July 2024 Written Episode Update

In today’s episode we see Anupama who is very excited. Anupama thanks Bhagwana and says thank you for doing good for her. Anupama says that only one thing is not good and it is not solvable. Anuj tells Anupama that he is leaving from here only because of Adhya. Otherwise, he would not have left. Anupama starts remembering her time spent with Anuj. Anupama gets sad.

Anuj says that he will settle his matter with Shruti. Anupama tells Anuj that you have to talk to Shruti to settle the matter. Anuj tells Anupama that why are you not listening to your feelings. Anupama says that she cannot live with him because Aadya hates her a lot. Anuj says that why do you feel guilty, when there is no fault of yours in this. Anupama tells Anuj that if I had not gone to you, you and Shruti would have been married by now. Anuj tells Anupama that you have to support me. 

We see that Anuj tells Anupama that he is leaving now but he will definitely come back for Anupama. Anuj expresses his love to Anupama. Anuj starts leaving. Both Anuj and Anupama break down. Next we see that Pakhi and Paritosh come to Vanraj and both of them tell him that Anupama is not ready to go back, she will not go now.

Pakhi tells Vanraj that now I feel that Anupama wants to occupy the house. Vanraj asks what does Anupama want now. Pakhi tells Vanraj that Anupama has not signed the NOC yet, Vanraj is now worried thinking about Anupama, what should he do now. Vanraj says that he will talk to Hashmukh to sell this house. Hashmukh overhears Vanraj, Pakhi, and Paritosh talking about selling the house. 

Further we see that Hashmukh is sad, then Anupama comes to him and asks him why he is upset. Hashmukh calls Leela and talks that both of them have become elders for their children. Hashmukh says that we should stay away from home now. Hashmukh and Leela say that we have already thought about it. 

Next we see that Anuj is missing Anupama. He calls Anupama. Anuj tells her about Adhya being ill. Anupama also remembers the moments spent with Anuj. Anuj tells Anupama about Adhya.

Anuj and Anupama both get worried about Adhya getting sick, Adhya might have food poisoning as she ate street food. The doctor stops Anuj from travelling, Anupama tells Anuj that he should not go. Anuj thinks that it is not the right time for him to go. 

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