Anupama 25th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 25th June 2024 Written Episode Update on Telly Updates

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Anupama 25th June 2024 Written Episode Update


In today’s episode, we see that Anuj sees that both Anupama and Shruti are missing. Leela is worried that Anupama has gone to get sweets. Anuj goes to look for Anupama and Shruti. 

Here Anupama questions Shruti if she did the right thing by wasting the chutney and masala. Shruti accuses Anupama of snatching Anuj and Aadhya, Anupama says that if I want to be with Anuj again then I don’t need to do any drama. Shruti says that Anupama is getting close to Anuj to get him and she is trying to snatch Anuj from Shruti. 

Anupama tells Shruti that she should control her tongue, Anupama and Shruti argue with each other. 

Here we see that Anuj tries to find Anupama and Shruti but he does not see them anywhere. Shruti tells Anupama to break their relationship by telling the whole truth to Anuj. 

Anupama tells Shruti that you should understand that I am not taking away Anuj and Aadhya from you. Shruti does not agree with Anupama. 

Anupama tells Shruti that I have no need to explain myself in front of you. Shruti told Anupama that I am going to marry Anuj soon. Hearing Shruti’s answer, Anupama says that I am not interested in Anuj, you can happily marry Anuj. 

Shruti and Anupama argue with each other, Anupama says that Shruti has ruined the chutney and masala. Anupama decides that she will punish Shruti. 

Further we see that Anuj is searching for Anupama, while Anupama thinks that Shruti might hurt Anuj and Aadya. Anupama decides that she will punish Shruti. Anupama starts thinking of ideas to expose Shruti. 

Anupama thinks that if she tells the truth to Anuj then she will be reunited with him. Anuj sees Anupama who is sad, he asks her what the problem is. 

Anupama decides that she will expose Shruti in front of everyone. Anuj and Anupama are about to talk to each other when Shruti comes in between due to which Anuj and Anupama are not able to talk to each other. 

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