Anupama 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update on Telly Updates

Anupama 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update


In today’s episode, we see Anuj getting ready early in the morning. Then Shruti comes and asks Anuj why he is getting ready so early. Anuj tells Shruti that he is going to help Dimple and Tattoo in their wedding. Anuj says that he tries to take care of Aadhya.

Anuj asks Shruti to come with him. Shruti refuses to go with Anuj. Shruti agrees to fix her meeting with Smith. Anuj thinks about Shruti that ever since she saw Anuj with Anupama, she is behaving strangely. Anuj decides to stop thinking about the connection between Shruti and Smith.

Further we see that Adhya feeds Ishani and Ansh. Leela tells Adhya to have food too. Kavya decides that she will feed Adhya. Kavya secretly tells Anupama to feed Adhya. Kinjal and Devika prepare for Dimple and Tattoo’s wedding. Leela and Hasmujh talk to each other that it will be very difficult to leave their family at this time. 

Further we see that Vanraj thinks that his plan should not fail today. Anupna collides with Vanraj, Vanraj tells Anupama that you should mind your own business. Further we see that Vanraj thinks that if Titu’s friend is not found then his plan will fail.

Devika decides that she will follow Vanraj. Kavya gets very worried that Vanraj is definitely planning something to ruin Dimple and Titu’s wedding. Anupama tells Kavya that she will never let this happen.

Further we see that Devika is following Vanraj. Here Kavya and Anupama both decide to relieve their tension, Dimple is worried about her and Titu’s marriage, then Leela comes to her and tells her not to worry. Anupama decides to bring pastries and sweets. Anupama and Anuj bump into each other. Anuj decides to talk to Anupama. Then Leela comes between Anuj and Anupama and they both are not able to talk. 

Further, Devika sees that Vanraj is meeting a police inspector. Vanraj suspects that Titu has come to know about his plan and that is why his friend has disappeared. Vanraj is talking to the inspector to find him. Devika sees that Vanraj is trying to find someone. 

Vanraj catches Devika red handed. Devika tells Vanraj that she knows about his plan. Here we see that Anupama comes to know about Shruti, she is stunned. Anupama scolds Smith. Anupama accuses Shruti of hurting her. Shruti also accuses Anupama of taking away Adhya and Anuj from her. Shruti asks Anupama that how will you prove your innocence. 

Next we see that Anuj asks Anupama why she is upset. Anupama says that she will expose Shruti.      

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